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  Read Irish Times Article in which Mark Sanford is interviewed.
"Navigating the ear canal brings sound treatment for hearing loss"

"Much difficulty arises from bends in the ear canal. One hearing aid manufacturer has found a way around this."
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  The “Hearing Bone's” Connected to the What?

"Once upon a time, before people knew any better, they thought that hearing loss was simply a part of growing older—something not worth doing much about."
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  Hear The Latest On Lyric
Womens Health Week
"We are excited to share with you the recent Lyric Interview that can now be found on Audiology Online. Learn about Phonak's dedication to continuous improvement and how it has led to the latest version of Lyric. Also get a peek into the Marketing of Lyric which is driving first time users into Lyric offices and more!"
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  National Women's Health Week
Womens Health Week
"Too many women don’t realize how their quality of life could improve if only they addressed their hearing loss. National Women’s Health Week — which kicks off on Mother’s Day, May 12th — is a great time to let them know."
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  When The Noise Becomes Too Much

The Wall Street Journal released an article about "How the world got so loud and how it's making us deaf." Click for More

  Do I need two hearing aids?

"Basically, if you have two ears with hearing loss that could benefit from hearing aids, you need two hearing aids. It is important to realize there are no "normal" animals born with only one ear. Simply stated, you have two ears because you need two ears." Read More

  Best Life Enhancing Electronics of 2013
Best Picks for 2013 Electronics
"Americans love their electronics: Smartphones, tablet computers, digital cameras, HDTVs, e-book readers, MP3 players, and hearing aids. That's right - Hearing Aids!" View Article

  Bigger Caliber, Bigger Boom - February 2013
Recreational firearms causing hearing problems
"Recreational firearm users' shooting habits may increase their risk of acquiring noise-induced hearing loss. Several studies suggest many shooters put themselves at risk by firing large-bore guns numerous times per year without proper hearing protection." Read Further

  Starkey Hearing Technologies In the News

Starkey Hearing Technologies has been featured in several programs as of late. Within this piece, are the different highlighted articles that have been brought to the forefront. Explore Articles

  Are Earplugs Necessary?

"Do you really need to use specially-designed earplugs for hearing protection? Most audiologists agree, when it comes to protecting your hearing, you should opt for something specific." Click here to view specifics.

  The World's Smallest Hearing Aid - November 2012
world's smallest hearing aid
CNN had a segment on the world's smallest hearing aid! An impression of your ear is taken and made into a mold. From that mold, a finely detailed 3D scan is taken. A 3D printer then replicates this scan into the shell of the actual hearing aid. Lastly, all of the mechanics are added in to a fully functioning, world's smallest, hearing aid! Click here to see more!

  Why Medicare should pay for Hearing Aids

This article emphasizes the importance of good hearing in conjunction with quality of life.
As quoted within: "Hearing loss, like failing vision (which Medicare also won't treat), is a quality-of-life-altering condition. The need for hearing aids pretty much goes hand-in-hand with aging. And yet Medicare doesn't cover them." Read more

  Mark Sanford reflects on the impact Better Hearing has had on their customers! - October 2012
Mark Sanford, Walnut Creek Audiologist, hearing aids change lives
A few years ago, a man brought his 102 year old mother into my office. He stated that they thought she had dementia, but her physician wanted to rule out hearing loss. Her audiological examination demonstrated a severe flat 70-80 dB hearing loss bilaterally with 60% discrimination. I explained that she would benefit from amplification, and we decided on a low-cost, easy-to-use device to see if it would provide any benefit.

Two weeks later I am playing golf and this man comes over to me and says with great joy, "You gave my mother a hearing device a couple of weeks ago. I can't believe the difference in her, it is like she is a different person. She talks all the time and we are having great conversations."

The friend I was playing golf with looked at me and said "Wow, you change people's lives!" It was a great reminder why I love being an audiologist.

  Safety Concerns in Promoting Hearing Aids - August 2012
Hearing Aids help with safety concerns
We know that hearing impairment can be dangerous in certain stiuations when a person with a hearing loss is not using hearing devices to solve this problem. Read this article

  Neuromonics Clinical Summary Details Results of Effective Tinnitus Treatment - May 2012
Neuromonics treatment
Check out this article about the success of Neuromonics treatment that was done on 555 patients in 3 clinical trials that are to be published in peer reviewed journals. View article here

  Henry Ford Study Shows that Insomnia Worsens Tinnitus - April 2012
Insomnia worsens Tinnitus
A new report from Henry Ford Hospital shows that insomnia can have a negative effect on tinnitus, worsening the functional and emotional toll of chronic ringing, buzzing, hissing, or clicking in the head and ears. The study shows a significant association between insomnia and the severity of perceived tinnitus symptoms, with patients who have insomnia reporting greater emotional distress from tinnitus. For more, Click Here.

  How do I know if my child's hearing aids are working properly?
Your role as a parent is of paramount importance within the entire process, but to make sure the hearing aids are working properly, you need professional assistance from an audiologist. To read more on this topic, click here.

  March is National Kidney Month - February 2012
Not only is March National Kidney month, but March 8th, specifically, is World Kidney Day! We bring this to your attention because hearing loss commonly coexists with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), Chronic Renal Failure, and other kidney related diseases. People with Chronic Kidney Disease and other diseases of the kidney, are encouraged to make hearing checks a routine part of their medical care. Click here to read more.

  American Heart Month
Wear Red
Better Hearing Institute is promoting American Heart Month in February and recognizing National Wear Red Day® on
February 3rd, 2012.

Americans nationwide wear red to show their support for women's heart health and to raise awareness that heart disease
- the #1 killer of women - is largely preventable. Click here to view article!

  Personal Health: Lifelines for People with Hearing Loss
Jan. 2012 Article
Hearing loss, a disability currently untreated in about 85 percent of those affected, may be the nation’s most damaging and costly sensory handicap. It is a hidden disability, often not obvious to others or even to those who have it.
Read this article!

  Kirsty Swain wears Siemens Aquaris with miniTek - January 2012
Kirsty Swain, finalist on the hit BBC Saturday night television show "So You Think You Can Dance", talks about her experience with the new fantastic waterproof, dust proof, and shock resistant hearing solution, Aquaris from Siemens.
Not only is this new device innovative, it is also very stylish! Check this video out!

  Hearing Aid Internet Sales
Here is another article that backs up Mark's strong opposition to purchasing hearing aids on the internet.
Consumers need to be aware of the problems and the consequences! View Article Here!

  Hearing Loss Associated with Development of Dementia
Lyric Device
Mark Sanford, says, “This latest research confirms mental ability and hearing loss are closely linked. People with hearing loss need to receive help when it is diagnosed. If people wait before they get a hearing device, they risk decreased mental capacity over time. This is the "Use It or Lose It" phenomenon of auditory deprivation. The longer someone with a hearing loss waits to get help, the harder it is to adapt to a hearing device." Find out more here!

  Today's Health: Hearing Loss At Alarming Rates
Lyric Device
Watch this new video of a segment on the TODAY Show, regarding how hearing loss is affecting our population. Excessive noise is now the #1 cause of hearing loss! Half of the people with hearing loss today, are under the age of 65!
Find out more by clicking here!

  Hearing Aids Help Battle Alzheimer's
Lyric Device
Read this article about how hearing loss may put people at risk for developing Alzheimers. And how the Lyric Hearing Aid device has helped! Click here to view article.

  CNN Health - Sound Therapy for Tinnitus
Lyric Device
Watch this segment on Tinnitus - profiling Neuromonics. Click here to watch!

  Download the New Hearing Loss Simulator App!
Hearing Loss App Check Out This App!
Starkey has created a new app - the Hearing Loss Simulator - for your use as a counseling tool ...More

  Hearing Healthcare Partnership
It would be our honor to be your Hearing Healthcare Partner! Click Here To Read More.

  Elite Award of Excellence for 2010
Mark Sanford - Audiologist and President of CSG Better Hearing, received the first ever Elite Award of Excellence for 2010
Click Here To View.

  Articles About Tinnitus
Read any of the articles about Tinnitus below or click here to learn more about Tinnitus.

  Tinnitus Treatment - Neurmonics ArticleNeuromonics - Tinnitus Treatment
ENT Today - Tinnitus ArticleENT Today
The Wall Street Journal - Tinnitus ArticleThe Wall Street Journal
American Tinnitus Association - Tinnitus ArticleAmerican Tinnitus Association
Tinnitus Today - Tinnitus ArticleTinnitus Today
Adults' Use of FM Systems: Subjective Benefit by Adult Users
For years, the primary goal of using FM amplification systems was to improve the listening and learning skills of children enrolled in classrooms with poor acoustics. Although numerous studies have proven... ...More

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