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Who's Who in the Hearing World & What's the Latest in Technology?

Phonak Entry level to high-end digital hearing aids

Phonak is owned by Sonova, a Swiss company. Sonova owns Phonak, Unitron, Lyric and Advanced Bionics. Phonak has a complete line of entry level to high-end digital hearing aids. They are also the leading manufacturer of a comprehensive line of FM systems (wireless communication) for the hearing industry today. We performed the first study of adult FM in 2001, which was published in Hearing Review and presented this to the Academy of Doctors of Audiologists in 2002.

What’s New at Phonak? Exclusive Phonak SoundRecover Technology brings back all the subtle sounds that complete life’s rich soundscapes – from the sweet whispers of a loved one to the pleasant sound of birds singing. Its intelligent shape enhances the ability of Audeo SMART to automatically zoom in on speech and reduce background noise. Most importantly, SoundRecover allows you to follow conversations clearly and steadily, even conversation in noisy restaurants or on windy streets.

Phonak nano is more than just a tiny hearing aid. It is an outstanding combination of maximum hearing performance and minimum size. Using computer-aided design and the latest generation of advanced materials, Phonak nano is custom crafted to fit entirely in your ear canal. Phonak’s Spice+ line will now be available in four performance levels with a new entry level device that allows value with the latest technology and state-of –the art features.


We are excited to announce that the revolutionary Lyric, hearing device has been integrated into the Phonak product line.

Lyric is the first deep insertion device that is worn 24 hours a day for up to 4 months at a time. We have been fitting Lyric for more than 4 years and, in fact, were one of the very first offices in the United States to offer this technology. Due to our expertise with this product we have trained audiologists from around the country to successfully fit the Lyric. We also conducted a study of over 100 Lyric users and presented our findings at two national meetings and one international symposium. It is with pride that we announce that all of our offices are “Premier Elite Providers” of the Lyric.

We are pleased to announce that we will be one of the first offices to offer the new Lyric 2! The Lyric 2 will have a reduced size and increase the anatomical fit rate by 50%. This exciting new device will be available later this spring. Please check back for updates.

ReSound The first programmable hearing aid

ReSound was started in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1986. ReSound was formed after purchasing technology developed by AT&T Bell Labs. This technology was the first programmable hearing aid and came to market in 1989. Our offices were one of the first in the country to use this device for our patients. Our office performed a study that was published in Hearing Review, the leading professional publication for hearing devices. ReSound also developed thin tube and open fitting technology in 2001. Our office was one of the testing sites for this new technology. We spoke at the 2002 symposium in London regarding this new device.

What’s New at ReSound? The ReSound Alera improves hearing in even the most difficult listening environments based on core technologies such as Natural Directionality II, Environmental Optimizer II and Surround Sound. With ReSound Alera, sound is crisper, cleaner, and works more like natural hearing, providing truly advanced listening experience. Also there are the easy-to-use ReSound Unite wireless hearing aid accessories that work with the Alera to help you hear things that are outside the range of any hearing aid. And they do it discretely, without devices to wear around your neck.

Oticon Receiver-In-The-Ear Hearing Aid Technology

Oticon is owned by William Demant, a Danish company based in Copenhagen. Oticon has been a leading innovator in new technology and has been making hearing devices for over 100 years. We traveled to Copenhagen in 2006 to learn about their new Receiver-In-The-Ear Technology and was one of the first offices to dispense these devices in the United States. Whether it’s audiology, technology, hearing aid fitting systems, consumers, or interacting with hearing care professionals, Oticon’s company philosophy is: We put people first.

What’s New at Oticon? Based on the new RISE 2 wireless processing platform, Oticon Agil is the new premium family of high performance hearing solutions. Oticon recently announced that the new Intiga has won the internationally recognized iF Product Design Award 2012. Oticon’s latest advanced technology hearing instrument was honored for its outstanding design. The Intiga is a hearing solution developed specifically to meet the core demands and concerns of first time hearing instrument users.

Starkey Invisible in-the-canal hearing aid

Starkey was founded in the 1970s by Bill Austin in the Minneapolis area. It is a privately held company. They are the first company with a deep insertion device that is removed daily. We will be doing a study on this device in 2010.

What’s New at Starkey? SoundLens is Starkey's new custom fit invisible in-the-canal hearing aid that features Voice IQ. Voice IQ is Starkey's latest noise reduction and speech preservation system designed to filter out background noise.

Also available from Starkey is the AMP, which fits in your ear canal and is removable and ready to wear in a single visit. The AMP's small size and ear canal placement take advantage of the ear's natural acoustics for an amazing sound quality. With all this amazing technology it is hard to believe this is one of the most affordable devices on the market!

Siemens Hearing Instruments The most technologically advanced hearing aids

Siemens is the 13th largest company in the world with many divisions and hearing being one of them. For over 125 years, Siemens Hearing Instruments has dedicated itself to designing and building the most technologically advanced hearing aids to fit all types and degrees of hearing loss and cosmetic preferences, so people with hearing loss can enjoy the world with better hearing and better living. Their complete line of hearing aids range from entry level to very sophisticated high-end devices.

What’s New at Siemens? Siemens Hearing has introduced XCEL, its next generation of BestSound Technology. Siemens says XCEL accelerates hearing aid acceptance by optimally balancing speech intelligibility and sound quality for each individual hearing aid wearer. Siemens also now features Eclipse XCEL, a nearly invisible deep-fitting CIC hearing aid that offers discreetness while also minimizing typical occlusion effects and promising a more natural hearing experience than traditional CICs.

Siemens will also be introducing the Imini an incredibly small hearing aid packed with amazing features! Imini's SoundSmoothing suppresses sudden, disturbing noise and has speech and noise management that automatically reduces background noise making it easier to focus on conversations.

Widex Wireless technology for hearing aids - processes and transmits phone signals

Widex is privately owned by two Danish families based in Copenhagen. They have been making hearing devices for 60 years. Widex introduced the first digital hearing aid in 1996. We were flown over to Copenhagen in December 1995 to learn about it. Our offices were one of the first to use this technology in the United States.

What’s New at Widex? CLEAR is part of the Widex wireless hearing aid family. Thanks to their unique wireless technology, CLEAR hearing aids communicate with each other instantly to give you clear, detailed and above all, natural sound. And with a range of wireless accessories, you can get even more out of CLEAR.

Ear Technology Corporation Hearng aid for single-sided deafness

Ear Technology Corporation (“ETC”) is based in Johnson City, Tennessee. ETC’s products are the direct result of company president Dr. Daniel R. Schumaier’s experience as a dispensing audiologist. Dry & Store came about as a remedy for hearing aid performance problems caused by moisture as well as the common complaint of itchy ears.

Ear Technology Corporation? TransEar is a new type of hearing instrument, specifically designed for single-sided deafness. It doesn’t simply amplify sound. Instead, TransEar works by bone conduction, utilizing a miniature oscillator in the canal of the bad ear to send sound energy via the bones of the skull to the good ear. TransEar is a single hearing instrument, worn on the deaf side. It’s an innovative and elegant solution that enables the effect of hearing on both sides.

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